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Yes, you read that right.  Everything.  Or at least, as much of the science between black holes and white blood cells as you can cram into your head.

Science in Seconds gets you that much closer, one video and blog post at a time. We scope out the coolest science news and give you a concentrated dose in two minutes or less. Think of us as the gateway drug to science; you'll be hooked after just one hit.

Science is more than textbooks and lab coats.  It's alive and mutable; the consummate changeling. Science is an integral part of our society—intertwined with our culture, our world and our future.  It can be divisive, maddening or exciting, but no matter what it's always worth learning.

Our mission at Science in Seconds is to make that learning as enjoyable as possible.
And no, you can't know everything.  But we dare you to try.

Science in Seconds was created in 2009 and is the brainchild of Rheanna Sand, Torah Kachur and Brit Trogen. New videos are released every Tuesday and Thursday, and blogs are published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Rheanna Sand is a kaleidoscope of talent and wonder. She is constantly challenging herself, almost to the brink of exhaustion. Recently completing her PhD in molecular neuropharmacology at the University of Alberta, Rheanna is now starting a new adventure as a post-doctoral researcher at Cornell University Medical College in New York City. Start spreading the news!

Rheanna displays her prowess in many ways - as a geek, a guitar player, a goalie, and a gamer, to name a few, and of course as co-host of Science in Seconds. She is extremely proud of her Metis heritage, and feels that a unique combination of science, history, and humor is needed to fully understand the world. That, and an ice cold bevvy.

Follow her on the Twitter @RootMeanSquared.

Email Rheanna: rheanna@scienceinseconds.com

Rheanna Sand


Torah Kachur is a world-travelling, sports-playing super-geek who doubles as a University professor. In between exploring the planet and warping young scientists’ minds, she completed her PhD from the University of Alberta in developmental genetics. Torah hopes to someday be important enough to be asked questions about the state of science in the world and to continue commenting on all sorts of scientific fields.

Torah still manages to find time to coach varsity basketball, write for PrioNet Canada, explore the world with her camera and make molecular replicas of DNA. All while perfecting the concept of geek-chic.

Follow her on the Twitter @DrTorahKachur.

Email Torah: torah@scienceinseconds.com

Torah Kachur


Brit Trogen is a tenacious, vegetarian bibliophile and award-winning writer living in New York. With a BSc in Molecular Genetics, and an MSc in Science, Medicine and Society from University College London, Brit is particularly interested in the intersections between science, medicine, culture and politics. Brit has also traveled the world, and loves acting, dancing and creative writing.

Follow her on the Twitter @BritTrogen.

Email Brit: brit@scienceinseconds.com

Brittany Trogen

Eva Gusnowski M.Sc.

Eva Gusnowski is a recent Vancouverite with a great love for science. After completing a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Molecular Genetics at the University of Alberta, this “geneius” travelled to the University of British Columbia to enter their medical program, with great surgical aspirations in the future.

Aside from examining cadavers and exploring bodily functions, Eva can be found drawing, baking and generally yoga-ing it up on the Vancouver scene. MD, yogi master, gangsta…it’s all in the works.

Email Eva: eva@scienceinseconds.com

Eva Gusnowski
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